Sod Installation

Only available through Lawrence/Kansas City

  • Prep Grading

    Stirring up the soil 1 to 3 inches deep, re-leveling the soil, and edging out along concrete surfaces to be level with newly laid sod.

  • Existing Lawn Removal & Disposal

    Sod Shop can cut out undesirable existing lawns to make room for new sod. This requires the use of a sod cutter or a box blade to scrape out any unwanted grass. This can be done without damaging existing sprinkler systems.

  • Top Soil Sales & Delivery

    Some projects require top soil to create a suitable surface for new sod. We can provide great topsoil and deliver it to the job site all at a wholesale price. The dirt work needed to level the top soil is included with our grading services.

  • Final Grading

    Final grading is the prepping of soil for proper sod installation and is not meant to address the drainage requirements of the property.

  • Watering

    Un-irrigated projects require special needs when it comes to watering maintenance. Whether a single lawn for a new home owner or a major road project miles long, if needed, Sod Shop will adequately irrigate all newly installed sod for an additional service fee. Through the use of hoses and sprinklers or a watering truck, we can be sure that the new sod is being watered adequately and in a timely manner.

Sod installation
Sod installation

Quality Sod Installation